Classical Japanese martial arts training known as 'koryu bujutsu' were developed by and for the bushi, or warrior class of Japan, and have a lineage that runs back through each headmaster to the founder of the tradition. As a general rule of thumb, to be considered koryu, an art should be able to trace its founding to prior to the Meiji Restoration (1868).

Melbourne Koryu Kenkyukai:

Provides classes in two of the classical martial arts of Japan, Tatsumi ryu Hyoho and Toda-ha Buko ryu as well as classes in the Chien style of Tai Chi.

Tatsumi Ryu:

Studies the use of the Japanese sword and includes iai, kenjutsu, sojutsu, yawara, bo, hanbo and naginata.[Read more ...]

Toda Ha Buko Ryu Naginata-jutsu:

Involves the use of naginata against naginata and also naginata against the sword, the spear, and the chain and sickle. [Read more...]

Chen Style Tai Chi:

Combines the slow controlled movements typical of Tai Chi together with fast explosive movements. It is based on a very profound understanding of human body movement and is a great gift to the world from Chinese culture. [Read more...]


Announcement relating to rankings in Tatsumi-ryû.

立身流の級、段、称号その他の資格や伝書を授与できるのは、加藤紘立身流第22代宗家のみです。 宗家より直接授与されたのでない級や段は一切無効です。


The only person who can issue ranking in Tatsumi-ryû is the present Headmaster, Kato Hiroshi, 22nd sôke of Tatsumi-ryû. Rankings in Tatsumi-ryû issued by any other teachers or organisations are invalid and will not be recognised by the Headmaster. All ranking must come directly from the Headmaster.